Our History


September 2000: President Olusegun Obasanjo’s visit to Atlanta and Meeting with Nigerians in the Americas—Approximately 2000 Nigerians attended the meeting: Need to form an organization representing a coalition of all Nigerian professional, trade and community associations to facilitate and streamline the process of engagement of the Diaspora communities by the Nigerian government.

September 2000 –October 2001: Detailed Framework for NIDO prepared by a committee of Nigerian intellectuals and Professionals mostly based in Atlanta, GA—led by Dr. Bato Amu.


October, 2001—INCEPTION of NIDO Americas
Meeting in Washington, DC chaired by His Excellency Ambassador Professor Jibril Aminu with 550 Nigerians in attendance:
Formation of Interim Board of NIDO Americas with the election of two board members from each of the 8 regions of the Americas.
Election of the Executive of the Interim Board of NIDO Americas which was given the responsibility to:
Develop the Bylaws/Constitution of NIDO Americas.
Register NIDO Americas as a not-for Profit Corporation in the District of Columbia but which would operate in all zones of the Americas across geographical and national boundaries.
Procure office space and hire the staff for NIDO office.
Apply for and obtain 501 c3 (not-for-profit status for NIDO Americas).
April 2002: NIDO Professional Workshop –New York City attended by over 2000 professionals and representatives of Nigerian businesses and government officials.


Dec. 2002: First Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Washington DC and the election of the Inaugural Board of NIDO Americas

October 2003: NIDO Convention Atlanta, GA.
February 28, 2004: Certification of two NIDO Chapters
Atlanta, GA
Greater Washington, DC/ Maryland Chapter


April 2004: Change in leadership of NIDO Americas:
Ola Kassim, MD elected Chairman of the Board replacing Mr. Ephraim Emeka Ugwuonye ESQ.
Nkem Okeke, Esq. elected Vice-Chairman replacing Ola Kassim MD
Mr. Femi Odere elected Public Relations Officer replacing Nkem Okeke
Upon Taking Over in April 2004, the newly reconstituted Board focused their energy on the following:
Mobilization/Recruitment Drive for NIDO members
Formation of New NIDO Chapters:
Houston, Texas
Toronto, Ontario (GTA)
New York/New Jersey


November 2004: Town Hall Meeting in Washington DC between Nigerians in Diaspora and the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the United States, Prof. George Obiozor.
February 2005:Pre-Conference for the NPRC organized by NIDO Americas hosted by the Nigeria Embassy. 


April 2005- NIDO Americas Annual General Meeting and Elections took place at the Embassy of Nigeria, 3519 International Ct. NW Washington D.C. 20008, from 10am-6pm.
May 1, 2005: Formation of NIDO-AMERICAS Little Rock -Delta Triangle Chapter (Region Five).


July 25-27th, 2005: Conference by Diaspora Nigerians in Science and Technology (DiNiSAT) in Abuja, Nigeria, organized by Nigeria National Volunteer Service and Federal Ministry of Science and Technology
Subsequent Science and Technology Conference in Abuja July 2006 and 2007, then in TINAPA, Calabar in July 2008, organized by Nigeria National Volunteer Service and Federal Ministry of Science and Technology for Nigerians In Diaspora


Also in 2005, NIDO Americas collaborate with other Nigerian Organizations to organize highly successful Town Hall Meetings in New York, Washington DC and Houston to present the case of Virgin Nigeria Airways to initiate direct US-Lagos flights.

2003- 2007- Abuja Diaspora Village Project was a land allocation project executed by the former Minister of FCT, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai and aimed at enabling Nigerians abroad to acquire land for residential and commercial purposes in Abuja. NIDO hopes to encourage State Governors to replicate the project in their respective State Capitals.

February 2006– Diaspora Nigerians in Science and Technology (DiNiSAT) Preparatory Summit held at the Embassy of Nigeria in Washington DC

June 2007– Annual General Meeting and General Elections held in Dallas Texas.
Formation of New NIDO Chapters:
Belize, Central America -November 2007
Michigan, USA -2008
The Carolinas, USA -2008
Jamaica, West Indies – January 2009
New Jersey, USA – April 2009 (Separated from New York)
Calgary, Ontario Canada –April 2009
San Francisco, USA -2007
Dallas, USA -2007
Ottawa, Canada – 2008
Montreal, Canada-2008
Budding Chapters: Chicago; Houston; Brazil; Vancouver BC; Edmonton Canada; Connecticut; Boston, Indiana.

June 2009- NIDO Annual General Meeting and Board Elections held at the Embassy of Nigeria in Washington DC. New Board members were elected.

NIDO has collaborated with many Non-Profit Organizations. Some of which are:
PCNAF (Peace Corps Nigeria Alumni Foundation, USA) on Scholarship Programs for girls in Secondary Schools
ANPA (Association of Nigerian Physicians in America)
World Igbo Congress
Egbe Omo Oduduwa
Yoruba Alliance
Zumunta Association
Eko Club
NLA (Nigerian Lawyers Association)
Nigerian Reunion Corporation (NRC)
Nigerian Youth Association (NYA)


NIDO also worked with some Nigerian Banks and some Government Agencies to promote the interest of Nigerian abroad. Some of our activities were as follows:
Road Shows for UBA to showcase their Non-Resident Nigerian Mortgage Program
Bank PHB, Fidelity Bank, Asso Savings and Loans, etc
Ministry of Information on the Heart of Africa Project
Workshop: Building Stronger Families Through Health and Education held in honor of the First Lady of Nigeria, Hajiya Turai Yar’Adua on December 13, 2007 at the Embassy of Nigeria, Washington DC.
NV2020 Town hall meeting held at the Embassy of Nigeria on August 23, 2009

NIDO Continental Chapters

Governmental Associations

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